Jackie and Kyle

The second I met Jackie and Kyle I knew that they were going to be wonderful to work with.  I was immediately touched by their kindness, sincerity, and love for one another.  

These two met in high school! (I love the high school sweethearts stories!!)  Jackie was immediately touched by Kyle’s kindness and gentleness. Since then they have been inseparable.   I loved watching them interact with one another when they first showed their venue.  It was clear that there was a deep trust for one another, and that they were more than ready for their wedding day!! Jackie and Kyle love to adventure, but one of their most favorite things is being at home cooking together while listening to their favorite records.   

Their venue took place at a gorgeous lemon orchard! A view of the mountains, hundreds of lemons trees, and deeper in the country away from the city noise.  It could not get any more perfect than this for a couple who loves quiet, intentional time with one another and friends!  

Their day was filled with love, cheers, laughter and joy for them as they tied the knot.  

Jackie & Kyle:  Your love is so sweet! Thank you for inviting me to be apart of your day! 

Beach Maternity Session

  I was so excited when Depeche and her hubby Tom reached out to me to do their maternity portraits! 

Depeche was such a rockstar at this shoot! She was 34 weeks pregnant and was hiking up hills, getting naked, and modeling like a pro! I could not have asked for a better client to work with.  It was also so sweet to see the dynamic between husband and wife throughout the evening.  Tom kept checking in on his lady every couple of minutes to make sure she was doing alright! 

I got to drive up to Pismo beach for this shoot.  The location was super beautiful with deep, colorful tones, and a great temperature for shooting. 

This couple is about 4 weeks away from welcoming their beautiful baby boy!! 

Enjoy. <3 

Nathan & Marina Grindle: Gorgeous Solvang Wedding

I knew that Nathan and Marina’s wedding was going to be a dream the moment I pulled into the driveway of where their wedding was going to be held.   It was taking place in Nathan’s parent’s backyard, which happens to be located in Solvang surrounded by other wineries. 

  The location was beautiful, with giant oak trees and golden light.  Their attendance was small and intimate.  Close friends and family members were surrounding them throughout their whole day, showering them with love and celebration.  The ceremony was a little more special than normal.  Nathan didn’t want to see Marina until the moment she walked down the aisle. Upon seeing her, his eyes welled with happy tears and his face lite up so brightly.  It was so touching and beautiful to see such deep love in his face! 

This gorgeous couple met at college.  On their very first date, they saw a shooting star and knew that they were beginning a sweet adventure together.   Marina and Nathan are proud cat parents of Puffin & Paro, enjoy exploring the neighbourhoods of San Diego together, and love spending their time with friends and family.   My favorite part of the day was being able to take them for a sunset portrait session.  I loved being able to see how much they adored one another with how they interacted.  

Congrats you two! Your day was such a joy to be a part of!


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