Prahm Family

  It was such a joy working with this sweet family! I have been photographing younger babies the past couple of family sessions, so it was exciting to experience the uniqueness of working with kids a little bit older!

This family is gorgeous, as you will see, and their dynamic was wonderful!  I could not have asked for better clients to work with on such a beautiful evening. 


Fall in Santa Barbara

Ericka, Kellen, and Ellie are such special clients to me!  Ericka gave me the honor of letting me photograph her for my first maternity and baby shoot! (Mad props to newborn photographers, babies are hard!) It has been such a joy to watch little Ellie grow into such a beautiful little girl and document her little life.  It’s also been so sweet to watch Ericka and Kellen turn into parents who love on their little girl so much. 

We managed to find a little bit of fall in our sunshine state and we had a blast.  I would say that Ellie had the most fun, she loved playing in the leaves we found!

Enjoy these images of this gorgeous family!


Schock Family

It was so wonderful to work with the sweet Schock family! We had quite the adventure trying to get these two little’s to share their sweet smiles with us! <3   Between the fun playground we were at and the joined effort of Sharon and David, I would say it was a success! 

It’s always refreshing to get a break from photographing wedding’s to get some time with wonderful families like the Schocks. 


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