Rika & Mitch

I was so excited when Mitch and Rika first contacted me! They were looking for a photographer, not to shoot their wedding, but just to shoot them in their wedding attire! That means a full few hours of complete focus on the bride and groom.  Pretty much every photographer’s dream. :) 

This gorgeous couple met in Japan in 2012 while Mitch was stationed there.  They didn’t become official until 2013 but had the same group of friends the whole time they weren’t together so got to know each other that way.  Mitch has been serving in the navy for 6 years now, which is such a blessing to our country, thank you, Mitch.  They were married in Japan.  ( I got to see a picture of them in traditional kimonos, so cool!)

I loved working with such a wonderful couple.  It was a joy to get to know the both of them and see their personalities come out.  One of their favorite things about one another is the sense of humor they both share! It was obvious after being around them that that was a great part of their relationship!  They also brought their adorable dog, Kohta, which means “happy boy” in Japanese. 

From sweet kisses, twirls, and gorgeous weather, this shoot was literally a dream. 

Rika purchased her gorgeous wedding dress and shoes in Japan! They were both so beautiful and unique!

Thank you for sharing your love with me, you two <3 Enjoy your images!  

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