Gorgeous Backyard Wedding

 Dustin & Cara’s beautiful wedding has been one of my favorites to photograph.  The Bride had turned the backyard of their close friends into a dream land. Complete with antiques, vintage furniture, and beautiful florals.  The cake and cupcakes (which were stunning) were all made by the Maid Of Honor!!  I loved being able to photograph all of the creativity and details of their day. 

Dustin & Cara were one of the funniest and easiest couples I’ve worked with.  Their love for one another was so sweet and natural.  It was also so lovely to see how much their family and friends supported them on their day. 

Check out this photo series from their day!

Congratulations, Dustin & Cara! 

Portrait Session in Sioux Falls

I love taking portraits. 
I REALLY love taking portraits of dear friends that I adore!!

It was so fun to be able to take portraits with this gorgeous woman, Misti.  We also had the company of our friend, Jordan, with us.  The three of us together always seem to attract the creepiest men! I was so surprised we weren’t ambushed while walking in downtown Sioux Falls. 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Misti for the past 9 years! She has been an inspiration and encouragement to me.  I love every second we get to spend together.

Now take a look at these portraits of her beautiful face!

Kelsey & Dave

 It was truly a gift to be able to photograph my sweet friends, Kelsey, and Dave, on their wedding day!  They had their ceremony and reception in the small town of Parker.  They were surrounded by so many friends and family who love and support them.  

I was in the wedding party, and not the lead photographer of their wedding!  It was so sweet to be able to steal the bride and groom around sunset to take some portraits of the two of them. Between the golden light surrounding us and the giant trees over us, it was the dream setting for intimate portraits of the both of them! 

 I’ve known Kelsey and Dave for most of my life.  It has been so lovely to see them grow as friends, to best friends to now husband and wife.  Their love and care for one another is so evident by how they look at each other.  I am so thankful to know that my best girlfriend is so loved and cherished by her groom.

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