Stacia + Anthony: South Dakota Wedding

    One of the things I love about photographing weddings back home is the fact that I get to be around so many people I grew up with! Stacia and I went to high school together and were in several plays together! It was so sweet to travel back home and meet the man who has captured her heart. 

  Stacia and Anthony originally met in 2009 in high school at their State FFA Convention which took place in Pierre, South Dakota.   It wasn’t until several years later that they started to date and fall in love with one another! 

Anthony had been hanging out with Stacia’s sister, Melinda, and ended up calling her and asking her to come hang out with him.  They ended up hanging out a few more times until Anthony asked her out on a real date! 

Their first date was nothing short of a disaster. Anthony decided to take Stacia fishing in is aluminum fishing boat nicknamed the “Slippery John”.   The boat ended up not starting for over an hour! Once the boat actually started they had to quickly leave because it was getting too dark to fish.   On their way out a couple had lost their bobber and asked Anthony and Stacia to retrieve it for them.  Stacia is terrified of fish, but reluctantly reached in to grab the bobber because Anthony stated, “there are no fish on it.”  Unfortunately, there was indeed a fish.  

After their adventure on the lake, Anthony whisked Stacia off to an abandoned farmhouse to tell her stories about murders around the area. 

I love those unconventional love stories! haha They are so great!

Stacia + Anthony, I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your marriage.  Your family and friends were a joy to photograph and hang out with during your wedding! <3 

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