Hayden + Zach

I LOVE engagement sessions! It’s such a sweet time for the future bride + groom and me to get to know one another! I adore the playfulness and sweetness of each couple’s portrait session.  

 These two were both so sweet to photograph! They were comfortable and free with one another, and I could see how much they loved each other every time they looked at one another! Not to mention we had a gorgeous backdrop of scenery. 

Zach and Hayden had gone to the same college but didn’t know each other while attending.  They both moved to Denver at the same time and me through a mutual friend from college.  They soon started going to the same church and were good friends for a couple of years before they eventually started dating.  It’s so sweet when love is discovered on the foundation of friendship. 

I am SO excited to photograph their wedding in June! <3

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